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Bragger Family Dairy Data Answers Key Questions
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UW Discovery Farms has published a new report titled, Lessons Learned from Bragger Family Dairy: How farm management influences water quality in a challenging, diverse landscape. How do farm fields impact nearby streams? How do... Read More

Value of Soil Organic Matter
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We’ve known for many years that soil organic matter (SOM) is important for production agriculture. When soils were tilled initially, the soil organic matter concentration decreased fairly rapidly supplying nutrients essential for crop production. Some... Read More

Surface Runoff Happens
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Surface runoff is a natural process and occurs from rain or snowmelt that flows over the land surface and moves into surface water bodies.  This runoff water has the potential to pick up and transport... Read More

So, What Weather is Next?
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It’s January, and we’ve already seen a variety of winter conditions. In all reality, we still have 2 months left of this mystery tour. We’ve seen snow, freezing cold temps, melting, runoff, ice, rain, fog... Read More


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