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Nitrogen News from Discovery Farms Wisconsin

This article was originally produced for Dairy’s Bottom Line, a PDPW Publicaiton Abby Augarten Developing a N management plan is a challenge for farmers given the dynamic nature of the N cycle, variable weather... Read More

The farms behind the dataset

Farmers are the backbone of Discovery Farms. By opening up their farms to research, farmer participants unlock our Programs’ capabilities to generate data to find workable solutions that address environmental concerns. At the Discovery Farms... Read More

Land spreading milk due to market disruption

In Wisconsin, farmers are experiencing an interruption in farm to milk plant processing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is an oversupply of some dairy products, such that certain plants are asking farmers to reduce... Read More

We are here for you.

A message from Discovery Farms Co-Director, Amber Radatz A few months ago, having most of the activities in the United States come to a screeching halt seemed like something that would only be in a... Read More

Install tile correctly the first time

Many farmers have purchased or are considering purchasing equipment to modify existing drainage tile systems or install new ones. Owning your own equipment allows you to install or repair systems as time and money allows.... Read More

Farmer-Led Conservation & Watershed Protection Mini-Grant Program

Farmer-Led Conservation & Watershed Protection Mini-Grant Program Looking to kickstart or expand farmer-led conservation demonstration efforts? This mini-grant program will support nongovernmental organizations, state or county government agencies, university Extension professionals, and others who support... Read More


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