Discovery Farms Introduces the WaterWay Farmer Network

The Discovery Farms Programs of Wisconsin and Minnesota are excited to announce the launch of an online, farmer-only discussion forum.

This discussion forum, known as The WaterWay Network, is a password protected, online platform for farmers, crop consultants, and hand-picked experts only. Do you have questions about cover crops, nutrient management, soil health, or water quality? Members on the site can provide you with the answers you are looking for.

“Farming presents challenges. Solutions can often be found from experience,” said Erica Olson, UW Discovery Farms farmer network manager. “I am excited to provide farmers with a place to connect and learn from others’ experiences and expertise.”

By joining The WaterWay Network, you will become a part of a unique online community that focuses on conservation. Farmers and crop consultants will provide the applied knowledge and experience, while Discovery Farms and University experts will bring science to the discussion.

Getting started is simple and FREE. If you are a farmer or crop consultant, register for an account today and get your questions answered at

4 Responses

  1. Nora Felton
    | Reply

    Can’t get in to Register—-what do I need to do, Nora

    • Tim Radatz
      | Reply

      Excellent question Nora.

      On the homepage of there is a “Register Here” button on the left hand side of the page. Click that button and it will bring you to a page where you can enter your information. This is not an automatic registration process. In order to have a secure platform your registration must be approved. After you hit send you will receive an email within one business day from the WaterWay Network containing a link to change your password.

      If you have further questions please contact Erica Olson – Thanks!

  2. Erica Olson
    | Reply

    Hi Nora,
    To register go to Once you are here there is a button in the sidebar that says “Register Here!” Click this and it will take you to a registration page where you can fill out your information and click “Send”.

  3. Joe Bragger
    | Reply

    I was recently told by another farmer that he was wondering if Cover crops and not tilling corn silage ground led to increased vomitoxin levels in subsequent corn silage. I know of at least one farmer that has started to utilize tillage in hopes of combating mold and vomitoxin levels in his feed. Anyone have experience or knowledge of this

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