The WaterWay Network creates conservation discussion

Online Conservation Discussion for Farmers and Consultants

The WaterWay Network is an online conservation discussion forum designed by UW Discovery Farms and Discovery Farms Minnesota as a place for open discussion among Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers, crop consultants and experts. Launched in December 2016, the site now has over 100 registered members. The WaterWay Network is here to stay, and has been successful at building an online community for conservation and water quality conversation.

With unpredictable weather patterns and constant changes in regulation and technology, farmers must be on their toes. The WaterWay Network is a great resource for farmers and consultants to hear from others who have firsthand experience with current conditions and issues. Wet conditions this spring and early summer prompted posts about Nitrogen considerations on the network.

Several monthly experts have been added to the discussion forum to contribute relevant research findings to conversations. Experts on the site have focused on a variety of topics including cover crops, soil health, nutrient management and water quality.

One popular topic among current members is interseeding cover crops. Many experimenting with this concept have seen both failure and success. Members of The WaterWay Network are sharing what seed varieties they’ve used, planting methods, growth stage at planting and herbicide interactions.

Interseeding cover crops into corn that is already growing is an interest that farmers, soil conservationists and soil health advocates all have. One of the questions that always comes up is,  “How will that work, considering the herbicides I use for corn production?” This is a legitimate question whether you wonder about using a drill, or broadcasting from a spreader.
–Kevan Klingberg UW Discovery Farms

By logging in, members have untapped access to conversations that start with posts like the one above. Discussions can conveniently be accessed via web browser anywhere with internet connection.


Cover Crop Photo Contest

On July 25-27, The WaterWay Network will host a Cover Crop Photo Contest. This contest will be a fun way to encourage members to participate and share their photos. Winners of the contest will receive Lunch and Dessert for 4 courtesy of Culver’s.


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The site is open to farmers and crop consultants. To register for The WaterWay Network, visit and participate!

Questions about The WaterWay Network? Contact Erica at 715.983.5668

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