Tile Drainage in Wisconsin publication updated

UW Discovery Farms has updated its Tile Drainage in Wisconsin publication originally released in 2013. The new edition contains clearer management suggestions, updated graphics, and references to new resources.

Additional new features make it a great source to reference quickly: it contains a two-page Tile Drainage Quick Reference Guide focused on general management strategies and steps to take before applying liquid manure as well as checklists for identifying and inspecting tile and planning for tile drainage system updates.


Why use a drainage system?
Locating tile drains
Tips for inspecting
Managing to prevent nutrient loss

Find the updated Tile Drainage in Wisconsin publication online at http://bit.ly/2xMXylX. For more tile drainage resources visit http://fyi.uwex.edu/drainage/ or contact Aaron Pape, UW Discovery Farms Tile Drainage Education Coordinator, at 262.674.4021 or aaron.pape@ces.uwex.edu.

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