Discovery Farms announces online tile drainage education module

New on The WaterWay Network

The Discovery Farms programs of Wisconsin and Minnesota have launched an education module titled Locating and maintaining tile drainage systems and blowouts. Upon successful completion of the module, Certified Crop Advisors will be eligible to receive one Soil and Water Management Continuing Education Unit.

Tile drainage is used to drain excess water from poorly drained land. In agricultural systems tile drainage improves crop production by creating favorable environments and better access to nutrients in the otherwise poorly drained soils. Tile also aids in crop management as it allows for access to fields that without drainage, would be too saturated to handle heavy equipment.

It is important for producers, consultants, and agency personnel to understand tile drainage systems and how to properly locate and maintain them to sustain agricultural productivity and protect water quality. Discovery Farms hopes this education module will increase knowledge of the importance of understanding and maintaining tile drainage systems.

In order to receive credit, CCAs must complete the module by reading two publications about locating and maintaining tile drainage systems and watching two short videos on tile blowouts and iron ochre. Once materials have been reviewed and understood, the participant will take a short quiz.

UW Discovery Farms and Discovery Farms Minnesota jointly created The WaterWay Network, a website containing a password protected, online discussion forum for farmers, crop consultants, and experts to come together and discuss conservation and water quality related topics. Education modules will be accessible to everyone for a limited time at Questions? Contact

About Discovery Farms

The Discovery Farms programs in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, conduct on-farm research to identify practices with environmental impacts and work with farmers to implement practices to reduce losses in order to protect water quality. For more information on Discovery Farms visit them on the web at OR


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