Wisconsin and Minnesota Discovery Farms programs working together for water quality

The Discovery Farms programs in Wisconsin and Minnesota started working collaboratively several years ago. This collaboration has ensured that the three pillars of the Discovery Farms program, farmer leadership, credible research, and effective communication, transferred from Wisconsin across the river … Read More

Water Quality Edge-of-field Monitoring Projects in Minnesota

Citizens of Minnesota, both urban and rural, are concerned about water quality.  Attendance at The Governor’s Water Summit at the end of February is strong evidence for this interest.  There are numerous perceptions, but few actual measurements. There are two … Read More

Importance of Following Nitrogen Best Management Practices

  Edge-of-field monitoring conducted by the Discovery Farms – Minnesota program can help identify connections between farming practices and economic and environmental concerns.  Measurement of nitrate-nitrogen in surface runoff at the field edge in the spring of 2015 provides an … Read More